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Wetkit installation and repair

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Wetkit and PTO FAQs

A PTO wet kit, also known as a power take-off wet kit, is a hydraulic system installed on a truck or other heavy-duty vehicle to power auxiliary equipment. The term “wet” refers to the fact that the system operates using hydraulic fluid, hence requiring a hydraulic pump, reservoir, and control valves. The kit typically includes a power take-off (PTO) unit, hydraulic pump, reservoir, control valves, and necessary plumbing and fittings.

The primary purpose of a PTO wet kit is to provide power for functions such as dump bodies, live floors, walking floor trailers, and other hydraulic-powered attachments. These kits are commonly used in industries such as construction, agriculture, waste management, and transportation.

PTO wet kits vary in complexity and configuration based on the specific requirements of the equipment they are intended to power. They can be custom-designed to suit different applications, ensuring that the hydraulic system meets the demands of the auxiliary equipment it powers.

In summary, a PTO wet kit is a hydraulic system designed to provide power for auxiliary equipment on heavy-duty vehicles through the use of hydraulic fluid, enabling the seamless operation of various attachments and functionalities. If you need further details or have more questions about PTO wet kits, feel free to ask!

2-Line Wet Kit:

  • Best used in low-usage applications.
  • It consists of a pressure hose and a suction hose.
  • Suitable for specific applications such as lowboy trailers.

3-Line Wet Kit:

  • Commonly used for heavy-duty truck applications, including end dumps and dump trucks.
  • Offered in both new and rebuilt/recycled options.
  • Provides enhanced functionality for high-stress applications.

The choice between a 2-line and 3-line wet kit is influenced by the application’s specific requirements and the stress level the hydraulic system is expected to endure. The configuration and functionality of each type cater to different usage scenarios, ensuring that the hydraulic system meets the demands of the equipment it powers.

Configuration and Component Selection:

The installation process begins with configuring the wet kit to suit the specific requirements of the work truck or heavy-duty vehicle. This includes selecting the appropriate Power Take Off (PTO) unit and ensuring compatibility with the hydraulic system.

Hydraulic System Installation:

The next step involves installing the hydraulic system, including components such as the hydraulic pump, reservoir, control valves, hoses, and fittings. Careful attention is given to ensuring proper connections and secure equipment mounting.

Testing and Diagnostics:

After the physical installation, thorough testing and diagnostics are conducted to ensure the proper functioning of the wet kit. This may involve checking for leaks, verifying hydraulic pressure, and troubleshooting any potential issues.

Streamlined Process and Efficiency:

The installation process aims for streamlined and efficient procedures to reduce time and effort, ensuring that the wet kit is installed effectively and ready for use.

These procedures highlight the key steps involved in installing a wet kit for work trucks and heavy-duty vehicles, emphasizing the careful selection and installation of components, thorough testing, and the pursuit of efficiency in the installation process. 


Selecting the right wet kit for a heavy-duty truck application involves considering several key factors to ensure optimal performance and compatibility. Here are the steps to guide you through the selection process:

Assess Specific Requirements:

Evaluate the specific requirements of your heavy-duty truck application, including the type of equipment or attachments that the hydraulic system will power. Consider the expected hydraulic pressure, flow rate, and any unique application demands.

Consider Cycle Times and Pump Reliability:

Remember the cycle times and pump reliability associated with different wet kit configurations. For instance, Muncie Power Products recommends three-line wet kits in nearly all applications due to their faster cycle times and reduction in pump failures.

Evaluate Complexity and Technical Skills:

Assess the complexity of the installation process and the technical skills required. If you’re considering a custom wetline kit, be aware that installing one on a semi-truck or heavy-duty vehicle requires ample knowledge and technical skills.

Configure the Wetline Kit:

Explore the options for configuring a wetline kit to match the specific needs of your work truck. This process typically involves selecting components based on your requirements, such as the PTO unit and other necessary elements.

Consider Professional Installations:

If the complexity of the installation process is a concern, consider seeking assistance from professionals who specialize in wet kit installations for heavy-duty trucks. Some companies offer services for handling complicated wet kit installations, ensuring the system is set up correctly.

Explore Standard Wet Kit Packages:

Look into standard wet kit packages offered by reputable providers. These packages are designed to fit specific truck components and applications, offering a convenient option for selecting a suitable wet kit configuration.

By considering these steps, you can make an informed decision when selecting the right wet kit for your heavy-duty truck application, ensuring that it aligns with the specific demands of your equipment and delivers reliable hydraulic power. 

The benefits of having a PTO wet kit installed on a truck include:

Cost Savings:Wet kits offer a cost-effective solution for semi-truck owners, minimizing installation costs and providing efficient power take-off functionality.

Enhanced Safety: Incorporating advanced safety features in wetline kits can contribute to enhanced safety during the operation of trailer or truck body functions.

Reliability in Harsh Conditions: PTO wet kits offer reliability in harsh conditions, as they can prevent breakages in cases where components get frozen or locked up, making them preferable over drive shaft-driven units.

Increased Productivity: Installing a wet kit on a semi-truck can increase productivity by powering various accessories through the power take-off (PTO) system.

Versatile Hydraulic Power: A wet kit serves as an essential hydraulic system installed on semi-trucks, enabling the powering of various types of equipment and accessories, thereby enhancing the truck’s functionality.

These benefits highlight the practical advantages of integrating a PTO wet kit into a truck, ranging from cost efficiency and safety enhancements to improved reliability and productivity.

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