HTNE-Traditional Dump Body

Meet the HT-NE Traditional Steel Dump Body: Toughness Defined

Uncover the superior durability and rugged efficiency of our HT-NE Traditional Steel Dump Body. Perfect for heavy-duty applications, this body ensures long-term performance and robustness, tested and trusted. Experience the strength of steel in every dump with our innovative design. Learn more today.


HT-NE Traditional Dump Body

  • The standard 3/16” HARDOX 450 floor and tailgate are exceptionally strong and wear-resistant, a unique value and quality in the “traditional” body market.
  • Traditional design with vertical posts & optional horizontal bracing on sides and six-panel tailgate.
  • Continuous welding throughout.
  • Trapezoidal floor design facilitates load breakaway when dumping.
  • Modifications to meet municipal specifications (ask Beau-Roc).
  • Cab shield included; various lengths available.
  • The traditional body line comes with a one-year warranty.
HTNE-Traditional Dump Body

Options for the HT-NE

  • Double-acting tailgate, side-opening tailgate, tapered sides, 10″ sills, asphalt apron, tarp rails, various coal door configurations, and many more.
  • Flat, 12” recess, slim line tank, and doghouse front configurations.
  • Pre-installed cradle and cylinder.
  • Underbody hoist.
  • Hooklift Subframe – All configurations.
HTNE-Traditional Dump Body Side View

Specifications For The HT-NE Traditional Dump Body

  • Top Rail 3″ x 4″ x 3/16″ tubing
  • Sides 3/16″ – 44W
  • Side Posts 10g(0.134″) – A-36
  • Front 3/16″ – 44W
  • Tailgate 3/16″ – HARDOX 450
  • Floor 3/16″ – HARDOX 450
  • Sills (up  to 16’6″) 0.2242″ – 44-W
  • Sills (16’6″ + over) 1/4″- 44-W
  • Body Weight 5,316 lbs- 17′ x 48″ x 60″ HT-NE
  • Standard Body Lengths 10′ to 20′
  • Standard Side Heights 36″ to 60″
  • Standard Tailgate Heights 36″ to 66″
  • Standard Inside Width 86″ to 88″ trapezoidal design
  • Standard Hoist System Front telescopic & underbody

Upgrade Your Truck With The Toughest Dump Body Around

With our cutting-edge technology combined with quality craftsmanship, you’ll have a dependable dump body that will last many years into the future, even under challenging conditions.

Super Duty Flatbed FAQ's

A Super Duty flatbed is a heavy-duty truck bed designed specifically for heavy-duty trucks.

It provides a durable and versatile platform for carrying various types of cargo, equipment, or materials.

Super Duty flatbeds offer several advantages, including increased payload capacity, versatility for customization, durability in harsh working conditions, and easy access for loading and unloading cargo.

Super Duty flatbeds are typically designed to fit specific heavy-duty truck models, taking into account chassis lengths and bed widths.

It’s important to ensure compatibility before purchasing or installing a flatbed.

Yes, Super Duty flatbeds can be customized to suit specific needs.

Common customization options include adding side rails, stake pockets, toolboxes, winches, and other accessories to enhance functionality and cargo security.

Regular maintenance is necessary to keep a Super Duty flatbed in optimal condition.

This includes routine cleaning, inspection for damage or wear, lubricating moving parts, and ensuring proper alignment and attachment to the truck frame.

Following manufacturer guidelines for maintenance is recommended.

Super Duty flatbeds can be purchased from Petra Truck Equipment.

The weight capacities of Super Duty flatbeds can vary depending on the specific model and design.

It’s important to check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure the flatbed can handle the intended loads safely.