contractor platform bodies

Durable and Versatile Flatbeds for Contractors

Upgrade your truck with our heavy-duty contractor flatbeds from Petra Truck Equipment. Perfect for any job, these versatile flatbeds provide the durability and strength you need to get the job done right. Order now and experience the difference!

Platform Only Package

Standard Specifications

  • 1⁄2″ x 3″ Flat long sills, box delete
  • 4″ Structural channel long sills (on cab chassis option)
  • 3″ Formed channel 12 ga. cross members 12″ o.c.
  • 12 Ga. diamond plate floor with formed side rails
  • 3⁄16″ Exterior stake pockets with 1⁄4″ x 2″ tie rail on both sides
  • Fuel fill cutout in driver’s side side rail
  • Tapered rear corners for a nice streamlined appearance, and trailer clearance for gooseneck towing
  • 41″ High tapered bulkhead with screen window and center top cutout for cab rear stop light
  • LED light kit includes: 6″ oval S/T/T and reverse light in rear apron and bulkhead, 3⁄4″ rear and side marker and clearance lights, license plate light, and wiring harness. Meets (FMVSS108)
  • Primed and painted black (other colors available)
  • Universal box delete mounting kit includes; 4-Z mounting brackets
    with grade 8 hardware, fuel fill bracket, mud flap mounting brackets

Cab Chassis Specifications

Same as above, except:

  • 4″ Structural channel long sills
  • No fuel fill cutout (unless requested with location specified)
  • No mounting kit
Contractor Platform Only

The Contractor Plus

Standard Specifications

Same as platform only, PLUS:

  • 12 Ga. x 16″ high drop down liftout sides with spring loaded latches
  • Bolt-on 7 ga. x 16″ high rear corner posts with chain slots
  • 12 Ga. x 16″ high drop down tailgate with chain adjustment and spring loaded latches
Contractor Plus Package

The Contractor Deluxe

Standard Specifications

Same as platform only, PLUS:

  • 2-Top mount steel toolboxes, black, 1 per side. Also available in aluminum
  • Bolt-on 7 ga. x 16″ high rear corner posts with chain slots
  • 12 Ga. x 16″ high drop-down tailgate with chain adjustment and spring-loaded latches
  • Filler panel between the toolbox and rear post
  • Primed and painted black (other colors available)
contractor deluxe package

Upgrade Your Truck With The Toughest Flatbed Around

With our cutting-edge technology combined with quality craftsmanship, you’ll have a dependable flatbed that will last many years into the future, even under challenging conditions.

Contractor Flatbed FAQ's

A contractor flatbed is a specialized truck bed designed for contractors and construction professionals.

It provides a versatile platform for transporting equipment, tools, and materials to and from job sites.

Contractor flatbeds are often compatible with various manufacturers’ trucks, including pickup trucks, flatbed trucks, and chassis cab trucks.

It’s essential to ensure compatibility before purchasing or installing a flatbed.

Contractor flatbeds typically feature:

  • Multiple storage compartments or toolboxes for organizing and securing tools and equipment.
  • Integrated tie-down points for securing loads.
  • Removable or fold-down sides for easy loading and unloading of large items.
  • Durable construction to withstand heavy use in construction environments.

Yes, contractor flatbeds can often be customized to meet specific needs.

Customization options may include additional storage compartments, crane mounts, auxiliary lighting, and more.

Weight capacities vary depending on the specific model and design of the contractor flatbed.

It’s essential to refer to the manufacturer’s specifications for accurate weight capacity information.

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure the longevity and performance of a contractor flatbed.

This includes routine cleaning, lubricating moving parts, inspecting damage or wear, and ensuring that storage compartments and locking mechanisms function properly.

Contractor flatbeds can be purchased right here at Petra Truck Equipment.

Some contractor flatbeds are designed to be compatible with lifting equipment, allowing for the installation of cranes or hoists to assist with loading and unloading heavy items at job sites.