With a floor made from the same Hardox 450 steel as its larger siblings this body is a landscapers dream. You can haul large rocks in this body without any fear of washboarding the body floor.

The sides, front and tailgate are Strenx 100W Steel. Strong light and flexible the fold down tailgate and sides will hold up under severe duty applications.

Available with a telescoping or subframe hoist this body is the go to choice for landscapers, contractors and excavators.

Telescoping Hoist

Leave the scissors in the sewing cabinet. When you need a hoist to lift your heavy loads reliably there is no substitution for a straight lift. No cylinder pushing forward or backward into a subframe linkage just a simple straight lift on the front of the body.



  • One piece sides and tailgate with posts.
  • Weather resistant extra high strength steel.
  • Full 180 degree drop sides with stainless steel greaseable hinge pins and greaseable latch pins.
  • Drop side mounted to edge of body, closes without preparatory cleanup.
  • Quick release sides and tailgate.
  • Double acting tailgate that lines up with floor when lying flat.
  • Tapered front in two pieces for ease of storage and shipping.
  • Standard 53” or 62” front heights.
  • Integral window slots in upper front.
  • Cab shield, 12″ standard.
  • Long life cycle design for low operating costs.
  • The Landscaping body line comes with a one year warranty.


  • Straight (non-tapered) upper front.
  • One or two fixed sides available.
  • Sides and tailgate available without posts.
  • Double-acting cylinder.
  • Underbody hoist.
  • Window slots insert kit available.
  • Hooklift Subframe.


  • Sides 1/8″ STRENX 100 (formerly Domex 100)
  • Front 1/8″ STRENX 100
  • Tailgate 1/8″ STRENX 100
  • Floor 3/16″ – HARDOX 450
  • Sills 5″ C-Channel
  • Body Weight 1,961 lbs-11′x15″x24″ – 1 ton subframe
  • Standard Body Lengths 8′ 6″ to 12′ 6″
  • Standard Side Heights 12″, 15″ & 18″
  • Standard Tailgate Heights 20″, 24″ & 28″
  • Standard Hoist System Front telescopic & underbody