Trunnion Style Hydraulic Cylinder


FC telescopic trunnion mounted cylinders are great for keeping bodies close to the cab, optimizing straight headboards. With the range being lightweight, strong, maintenance free, large top nut, and offers the most added stability to the truck. All stages are fully hard chromed to protect against rough climates.

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  • Premium Quality Steel
  • Largest Wall Thickness in Industry All Stages Hard Chromed
  • Low Cylinder Weight
  • Low Oil Volume Requirement Low Maintenance
  • Easy Field Service
  • Excellent Sealing in all Climates
  • Large Top Nut
  • Severe Service Design
  • Rugged Durability
  • Increased Strength
  • No Corrosion, Longer Seal Life
  • More Payload Capacity
  • Faster Cycle Time, Less Oil Expense
  • No Adjusting Nuts, No Air Bleeding
    No Special Tools, Bottom Access Plate
  • No Oil Loss into the Environment Increased Strength
  • Year of Trouble-Free Operation

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