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Hardox Steel Dump Truck Bodies
by Beau-Roc

Until 2002, high wear steels were too brittle to bend – fabricators were limited to cutting, welding and assembling the flat steel sheets. All that changed with SSAB’s development of a new Hardox material that combines high hardness with bending ability: Hardox 450.

Testing by SSAB demonstrated that shallow bends in a sheet of Hardox 450 can increase the sheet’s structural rigidity without compromising its ability to flex under stress. It was this revelation that led Beau-Roc to the Diamond sidewall profile currently used in their Hardox dump Bodies.

Bending without breaking

Anyone can buy Hardox 450, but not every factory can bend it. Beau-Roc has made the investment in both design and manufacturing to apply structural bends to Hardox 450 without cracking the material or sacrificing wear resistance.

True numbers

Unlike some other steels styled with a “450” name, the Hardox 450 steel used in Beau-Roc Diamond dump bodies is consistently rated with a Brinell number of 450 HBW. Other materials can range as much as +/- 50 points on the hardness standard.

Hardox dump bodies for lighter weight

Produced in thicknesses from 3.0 to 80 mm, Hardox 450 allows Beau-Roc engineers to give a full range of dump bodies the strength they require without the added weight of reinforcing posts and braces. Compared to traditional dump bodies, Diamond bodies built with Hardox 450 can deliver more payload, and then use less fuel on the return trip.

More resilient

When Hardox 450 panels are assembled using old-style vertical posts, impacts on the panel can deform the post, causing dents and dimples to appear in the sidewall. When the post is then separated from the panel, Hardox 450 shows a “trampoline” effect, springing back into shape. By eliminating posts from the structure, the Diamond bodies take full advantage of the material’s resilience to absorb impacts and stress, and to last longer with fewer repairs

Hardox Dump Bodies can be custom built to your specks

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